Patient Estimate Calculator


Johnson County Healthcare Center has made available this free pricing tool that can be used to estimate the cost to you (the patient) for any procedure or service you receive at the center.

This is a tool to help you estimate the potential cost, but it is not binding for any purpose as the actual charges may vary depending on the specific services provided. Your health care team may need to use the services of various specialty areas, such as lab or radiology, that may be outside the scope of this estimate.

If you have insurance, the estimate can include insurance allowed amounts and generate a printable letter. The estimate does not guarantee your insurance will pay for these services.

If you have any questions, please call the Johnson County Healthcare Center at 307-684-5521. Thank you for choosing the Johnson County Healthcare Center for your health care needs.

Using the tool

To generate a patient liability estimate letter for a procedure or service:

Service Selection - Choose the type and procedure for the estimate:

  1. Choose the Service Category.
  2. Select the Service (Procedure).
  3. Enter the Estimated Date of Service (if unknown, enter tomorrow's date).
  4. Optionally: select the Insurance Type (commercial or government). Or leave set to All Payers.

Patient Information - enter demographic information.  Any information entered here will be printed on the estimate letter.  No information is sent to your insurance company.

  1. Last Name, First Name - required for all estimates
  2. Date of Birth, Gender, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number - optional unless you enter Insurance Information.

Insurance Information - enter specific insurance information to verify eligibility for the procedure.

  1. If  you
    1. have insurance and wish to generate the estimate with data from the historical insurance payment information, leave the button selected for "I have insurance and I know my information."
      Skip to step 2 below.
    2. don't have insurance, or, you want to generate the estimate without including historical insurance payment information, select the button for "I don't have insurance."
      Skip to step 7 below.
  2. Insurance Selection: Leave this set to "Other Insurance."
  3. Insurance Company Name: type the name of the insurance company from your insurance card.
  4. Insurance Group Name: type the Insurance Group Name from your insurance card.
  5. Insurance Member ID Code: type the Insurance Member ID Code from your insurance card.
  6. If known, enter
    1. Remaining Deductible Amount ($)
    2. Copayment Amount ($)
    3. Coinsurance Percentage (%)
    4. Remaining Out of Pocket Max ($)
  7. Click the Generate Estimate button (to clear the form and start over before generating the estimate, click the Start Over button).
  8. The next page displays the Estimate Generated message.  Click the View Estimate button. The estimate letter displays either in a popup window (PDF Viewer) or a new browser window.