A how-to guide on video chatting with loved ones at AHCC


  • An internet connection. Preferably Wi-Fi
  • A working email address that you have set up on your phone. If you’re using the desktop/laptop method then you don’t have to have email on your phone. Have your email address ready for the nurse.
  • A smartphone that has a front-facing camera/microphone. OR a Laptop with a built-in web camera/microphone OR a desktop computer that has a webcam/microphone plugged in via USB.

Smartphone Setup:

  1. Go to the Google Play store/Apple app store. Search for “Zoom” and start installing.
    Note: Do not open the app. Nor do you have to create a Zoom account. Continue reading.
  1. A nurse should then ask you what your email is so she can send you the meeting details. Please wait a few minutes for the email to come through
  2. After a few minutes, open the email that the nurse has sent you. Inside there should be a link. Something along the lines of https://zoom.us/j/xxxxxxxxx . Tap on that link
  3. The zoom app should then open if you had the app installed. After it opens, it’ll prompt you for your name. Enter your name
  4. You’ll then need to grant Zoom permissions to use your microphone and video camera on your smartphone. First, it’ll ask for permissions on audio. Make sure to accept
  5. Then in the bottom left you’ll see “Join Audio” with the headphone icon. Tap on that and then touch “Call via Device Audio”
  6. Then in order to get video working, you’ll see directly to the right of the microphone icon, a red video camera icon. Tap on that and make sure to accept the permissions. Then your video should start capturing you.

That’s it. You should now be in the “meeting” and be on a video call with the other person.

Laptop/Desktop Setup

  1. Open your email in your web browser, or however you access your email. Tell the nurse your email address and wait for the meeting invitation to come through.
  2. Once it comes through, click on the hyperlink below “Join Zoom Meeting”. URL should look something like https://zoom.us/j/xxxxxxxxx
  3. The link will then open in a new tab on your default web browser. It’ll attempt to download a temp file. Either click “Run” or save it to your “Downloads” folder. (If you saved it to your downloads folder, open it after it’s done downloading). Give it a second while zoom sets itself up.
  4. It’ll then prompt you if you wanna use computer audio or if you want to call in using a landline or cellphone. Choose whichever you have readily available. To make it easy, I would use computer audio if your laptop has a built-in mic. Or if you have an external mic hooked up to the desktop. After you decide what method you’re going to use, go ahead and close the microphone audio prompt.
  5. In the bottom left of the zoom application, you should see a video camera with a line crossed through it. Click on that and make sure to allow zoom to use your video camera. You now have audio, the video turned on, and working.

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