A match made in health care

There is laughter flowing from Dr. Alyse Williams’ office. It’s coming from her nurse, Niki Stenson.

It’s been a long day, but Stenson and Williams still have a sense of humor. It’s obvious they have a connection – they’ve been a nurse/physician team at the Johnson County Healthcare Center for more than three years.

“I was hired as her nurse before we even met,” Stenson said.

Turns out, it was the perfect pairing. Stenson and Williams both love what they do. They enjoy seeing families and taking care of people.

But their paths to health care were different. While Williams always knew she wanted to go into health care, it was a decision Stenson made after having her first child.

“My nurse was so great,” Stenson said. “She brought her own camera and took pictures.”

Stenson was studying to become a teacher, but it was her experience with that nurse that lead her to a career change. She decided to go to school for nursing, and she chose Johnson County Healthcare Center to call home.

“I love that what I can do as a nurse can change an outcome for a patient,” Stenson said. 

Johnson County Healthcare Center was one of the places Williams went for her family medical rotation. It was here that she developed a love of family medicine.

“What I like about my job is taking care of families,” Williams said. “And the continuity of care through multiple generations. That’s not something you experience everywhere.”

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