AHCC Update – December 9th, 2020

AHCC Social Worker Samantha Kessler

Meet Sam!

We have a new, friendly face at the Care Center. Introducing, Samantha Kessler. She will be taking over as the new Amie Holt Care Center Social Worker. If you have not heard from her yet, you will soon. Sam is local and lives here in Buffalo with her husband and three children. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and brings a great deal of experience and compassion to our facility. She was previously employed with the Sheridan VA and working in the admissions department. We are very thankful and excited she is here to help and now a part of our team.

You can reach Samantha by phone (307) 684-6230 or email skessler@jchealthcare.com

Update on Residents

Residents remain on quarantine status in their rooms for a while longer. The Amie Holt Care Center nurses will call the primary contact person when the residents are able to come off of quarantine.  If a resident has a negative COVID test result, then that individual would be able to enjoy an outdoor visit on the patio (weather permitting). Indoor visitation in the family room cannot be offered at this time. We really hope that we do not have any new staff members test positive who have worked in the building during the last 14 days, as this would again extend the length of time the residents would need to quarantine.  We acknowledge that it has been very frustrating having to keep them in their rooms, not to mention having to add on more days and extend that time period. It is very unfortunate for all

Our hearts hurt for the residents and their families with these circumstances, especially this time of year. We know isolation can negatively impact an individual’s mental health. Our activities department has continued to play hallway BINGO with the residents while they remain in the door way of their room. There has been more 1:1 stimulation, as opposed to the more normal group activities. This go round, residents who were willing, were taken out of their rooms, one at a time, to go up and down the hallways, or go outside to take a break from their rooms with a staff member. The facility is trying to get creative to help these folks endure while also following the mandatory health and safety regulations.

Fresh staffing is on the horizon!

Amie Holt has 5 travel CNA’s and a travel nurse starting Monday December 14th to provide some relief for our crew. These are professionals with a ton of experience in caregiving who have passed all the background checks, screenings, and required testing. The Care Center has remained fairly well staffed; however, the idea is for our aids and nurses need to get a change to use some vacation time and rest. Everyone has been working hard and putting in more hours since the pandemic began. A break is necessary to keep spirits up. These travel CNA’s are also part of the plan of enhancement to the resident’s quality of life. The new CNA’s will focus more on providing the physical cares while our team members, who already know the residents, will have a little more time to provide more social support. We hope this helps with morale and gets everyone through the holidays.

We can all pray that a vaccine becomes available soon and that it will change the restrictions we are faced with inside the facility. We miss having volunteers, children, and family in the building with us. Christmas decorations are up and we are trying to be as festive as possible.  Be sure to keep sending cards, pictures, treats, flowers, or anything cheerful from home that may bring our residents joy. You can drop items off in the front entry way at any time.  

Stay well

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