Currently all of our residents remain on isolation in their rooms after another team member tested positive for COVID-19. This is discouraging to most of our alert and oriented residents who were just off a quarantine period and had been out of their rooms for less than 6 days. The staff are tested regularly in our proactive testing. Right now all staff are tested weekly, but that is likely changing for us to be tested twice per week. If staff are ill, they are not permitted to work and are sent home immediately. Interestingly enough, so far the positive tests that we have gotten have been from asymptomatic staff members.

We continue to do everything in our ability to prevent our residents from getting this virus. Unfortunately to keep these folks safe, they will continue to be in quarantine through the Thanksgiving holiday. As long as no additional positive results come back before Tuesday Dec 1st, that is when we can safely allow them to come out of their rooms again. Please be aware that this date is subject to change if another team member tests positive before December 1st this time frame may be extended.

We are grateful that we have not yet had a resident in our facility test positive for COVID-19 to date. As a reminder, the primary contact person listed in the resident’s chart will be called if any resident in the facility tests positive. If you know your resident was recently tested, and you did not hear the results, that means they were negative. No news is good news! If it is positive you will know as soon as we do. 

All these changes have been tough on staff and of course the residents and their loved ones. We have to be thankful that our situation is not worse. It would be an even more challenging environment to work/live in if we were actively dealing with the spread of the virus to the residents. That is a reality that many facilities are facing. For now we can focus on being very fortunate that is not the case at Amie Holt. 

We acknowledge that it is very disappointing to hear the residents will remain on quarantine for Thanksgiving. They will still be served a delicious, traditional Thanksgiving meal in their rooms by the staff. Remember we have the capability to offer ZOOM visits on facility iPads. Please call or email Rhiannon to arrange a time to set up Zoom video if you are interested.

We encourage family and friends to drop off cards, flowers, treats, pictures, reading material, stuffed animals, or anything that may bring your friend or family member joy. If the resident has a ground floor room you can window visit with the window closed. Several family members have reached out asking what they can do to help support their loved one. Honestly, I wish I had better or more creative suggestions to offer. Phone calls, mailing letters, and prayers are best for now.

Some family members have indicated to floor nurses that it seems like the Care Center staff are not as responsive to answering phone calls. I wanted to mention this and explain a little more. I imagine it is very frustrating to contact the facility and not have your call answered or if the team member you wish to speak to is not available. Most of our staff, for one reason or another have had to be out on quarantine as a precaution to protect the residents. Many of us are used to performing many different job functions. Please understand that the residents are the priority and if we are not getting to the phone quickly it means we are with a resident providing care or it is possible we are personally off from work due to a quarantine situation of our selves or a family member. We are all trying to do our best with theses complicated circumstances.

Thank you in advance for your patience and grace,

Rhiannon Fowler

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