Code Red in Johnson County

Are you wondering how you might know if there is a natural disaster or emergency situation in Johnson County?  Our county has used the “Code Red” communication system for several years to notify local residents about emergency situations.  You can sign up easily and quickly.  Then you will be notified in case of any county emergency that you need to know about.

The Johnson County Code Red system is the premier community telephone tool.   By using the telephone systems in place, the Code Red system allows our local law enforcement to help people in trouble, and also to notify citizens of events that will affect them.     It is a fast and accurate way to notify groups of people about things that affect them.

Code Red gives emergency managers the ability to send a recorded message to Johnson County homes on local phone lines within minutes.   Our Code Red will be relied on for neighborhood emergencies and community events where health and safety is a concern such as fires, flood warnings, evacuation notices, missing person notifications and much more.

Some frequently asked questions about Code Red and Reverse 911

Is my number safe?

Yes.  Your number is only used for emergency notifications, and is kept locally.  Rest assured, that the information provided remains private and will only be used to contact you for emergency situations or critical community alerts.

Do you already have my phone number?

To make sure that your number is in the system, follow the internet link below.  If you don’t have internet access, call the number for Emergency Management to get registered.

  To Register for Code Red,  click on this link:

Go to that web page, and then on the left hand side there is a button that says  “Code Red” .  Click on it, and you will find the registration page.   Registering takes less than 5 minutes and is simple.

For more information, contact Johnson County’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Marilyn Connolly at  684-2761 or 217-1879