October 13, 2020. My Cancer Story

Breast Health Night

I have been a resident of Buffalo since 2017 and I have attended both the 2018 and the 2019 events and I won’t ever miss one if I can possibly help it, and Ladies, you shouldn’t either!
The following few paragraphs will tell you my reasons why I feel this way.

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Sandra Shay

To the Kitchen Staff. Thanks for your personal attention. Especially the cut up apples! Your meals are delicious and I missed them when I was home. To the Nursing Staff. I wish to thank each and every one of you for my care during my stay. You made a difficult time a lot easier.

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Louise Anderson

To me, Johnson County Health Care is not about the facilities I have watched expand and improve throughout my 82 years.  (Although I am very thankful for that.) No. to me, Johnson County Health Care is about the PEOPLE. It’s about Nurse Lauri Prosinski realizing how uncomfortable I was and stuffing lots of pillows around…

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