COVID-19 vaccine FAQs

Johnson County Public Health has received a lot of questions from community members regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. Below they answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How many doses are available in Johnson County?

Johnson County Healthcare Center received 300 doses on Christmas Eve. These vaccinations went to healthcare workers within Johnson County Healthcare Center, Amie Holt Care Center residents, Veterans Home of Wyoming, Willow Creek, and Agape Manor.

Johnson County Public Health received 100 doses on Dec. 28 and Jan. 4. Public Health expects to receive 100 doses each week of January, and after that, it is unknown what expected shipments will be in February.

Appointments, through Public Health, are scheduled through Feb. 11 for this expected vaccine. Once Public Health receives information from the Wyoming Department of Health on expected shipments of Moderna for February, they will continue scheduling appointments.

Your appointments are full for the Moderna vaccination. Is there a list to be notified when the next round is ready?

Public Health has no list. The doses of Moderna Public Health has are all accounted for. When Public Health reaches the next phase, it will push out information to everyone through local media, JCPH Facebook page, Code Red, and the county website.

What about the 2nd dose?

There is a plan from the Wyoming Department of Health and CDC to send the second doses automatically. These will not be included in our doses we have already received. If you will be out of Johnson County when you are due for your second dose, you may receive it anywhere, as it is a federally provided vaccine. It would be best to contact the Public Health of Health Department of the place you will be to check their availability.

Who is eligible for the vaccination right now?

Johnson County is in Phase 1a and 1b consecutively, meaning healthcare workers, first responders, and those 70 years of age and older.

Will there be any vaccine available in Kaycee?

Johnson County Public Health has scheduled a COVID-19 clinic in Kaycee and has filled all open appointments. Johnson County Healthcare Center will be offering the vaccine during their clinic time in Kaycee, but those appointments are filled as well.

Why is it taking so long to distribute the doses you have?

At this time, Johnson County Public Health is the only provider vaccinating for COVID-19. There are two nurses available. We can vaccinate 40-80 people per day, depending on other duties as required, and responding to the pandemic in other areas. Looking forward, there may be mass vaccination clinics utilizing nurses from other agencies.

When will people under 70 who are at high risk receive the vaccine?

We must work through the priority groups. We are at Phase 1b, line #3. We will continue to work through the phases approved by the Wyoming Department of Health, who is currently working to confirm phase 1c. It may be possible that the next phase is months away, and not open to the general public until late spring or summer.

What is Code Red?

Code Red is the emergency calling system utilized by Johnson County Emergency Management. To sign up for this service, please visit the county website ( When you receive this call, it is because Public Health is announcing to all residents what phase they are in.

Is this Code Red call specific to me?

This is not a call specific to you from Johnson County Public Health. This is being used to let the public know what phase we are in. If you receive this call, it is informational only, and not canceling or making an appointment.

The Wyoming Department of Health is working to finalize Phase 1c. There is not an estimated date on when this information will become available, but all avenues will be used to inform the public in an accurate and timely manner. Johnson County Public Health, in conjunction with the Emergency Operations Center, is the official source to gather information about vaccine availability in Johnson County. Information from Johnson County Public Health will be announced via local media outlets, JCPH Facebook page, Code Red (mass text alert) system, and on our county website at  Please do not hesitate to call Public Health to check the status of our vaccination efforts or with any questions about the vaccine.

To learn more about Johnson County Public Health’s vaccination plan, contact them at 307-684-2564.

*Information above provided by Johnson County Public Health.