Dollie M. Reno

Life has many twists, turns, and unexpected events! Such a one was when Dr. Gosar left JCHC and my former student, Dr. Ludwig, became my primary health provider. 

Ryan was a student at the Story Elementary School where I was teaching and he has said that he has fond memories of Story School and being one of my students!  It is always rewarding to learn of a former student’s success, but to actually benefit from that success is truly amazing!

Dr. Ludwig’s care, genuine concern, and professional knowledge is amazing in this day and age of seeming indifference to others, particularly elders.

It is reassuring to know that should I need to be hospitalized at JCHC, Dr. Ludwig would be seeing me there.  I am glad to know that JCHC stays independent and recognizes the importance of continuing personal care from one’s primary caregiver!

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