Gabrielle Bowers

Dear CEO and team at JCHC,

I would like to take a moment to write you in regards to my care and attention I received throughout my pregnancy and delivery at JCHC. From the very beginning, I decided to use JCHC as my OB care as the clinic and hospital had a “warm” atmosphere. The staff were always very professional, and I absolutely LOVED the idea of having primarily ONE doctor throughout the pregnancy and for my delivery. I had high expectations, especially working in the healthcare field prior and with this being my first. Let me tell you, I was nothing short of IMPRESSED. From the moment I first met Dr. Mullen and Miranda, I felt welcomed, supported, and heard. Throughout my pregnancy they continued to demonstrate this “culture of kindness” and compassion helping me work through the fears of becoming a new mother. They were always very reassuring, supportive, and knowledgeable. The Prenatal class that Miranda does is an absolute wealth of knowledge and is very informative for a first time parent. Talking to Miranda is like opening a book full of knowledge. She is AMAZING at what she does and is VERY knowledgeable about labor, delivery, postpartum, etc. her soft spoken ways make her warm and welcoming and reassuring.

When I went into preterm labor at 34 weeks, I was nervous, and scared. Not only did Dr. Mullen take the BEST care of me squeezing me into her already busy clinic day, arranging a transfer to a NICU hospital, and following up in regards to the care I was receiving, she talked me through the entire process. She reassured my husband and I, in addition to the family that was here in the ER with me before my transfer, that everything was going to be OK. Once I was back home, they followed up with me to make sure that everything was going well.

Now here is the important part…. I will recommend to anyone and everyone that will listen to come deliver at JCHC. I had the absolute BEST delivery experience, even with delivering 4 weeks early. The rooms are warm, inviting, and homey and clean.  Jeff the anesthesiologist is AMAZING! He is outstanding at what he does and is compassionate, caring, and makes sure that he is there for you every step of the way if you chose to use pain management for delivery. The lab techs were always very considerate when needing to draw blood, and I really appreciated that (especially after working in a lab for over 3 years!) Additionally, all the nurses on the floor were outstanding working with me and my very large family that were here during delivery. When we were close to delivery, the staff followed my wishes and helped escort my family into the waiting area while my husband stayed in the room with me. Dr. Mullen was AMAZING during delivery! VERY outstanding. I honestly do not have enough good things to say about her. The nursing staff, nursing student, and all aides on the floor took amazing care of me, my husband, and our little girl while we were here. Dr. Rice even popped in to see how things were going. The OB providers work so well as a team and I love that aspect!

I truly appreciated every aspect of the care that I received.


Gabrielle Bowers

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