Louise Anderson

To me, Johnson County Health Care is not about the facilities I have watched expand and improve throughout my 82 years.  (Although I am very thankful for that.) No. to me, Johnson County Health Care is about the PEOPLE.

It’s about Nurse Lauri Prosinski realizing how uncomfortable I was and stuffing lots of pillows around my back so that I could sink into this puffy cloud and finally go to sleep.

It’s about nurse Kay Philpott sitting at my bedside all night keeping me awake when I wanted to go to sleep permanently.

It is about Dr. John Knebel assuring me I could call him any time, and I knew he meant it.

It’s about Dr. Larry Kirven telling me about my 99 year old dad, “You know when you are desperately stranded in a cabin and all your wood is gone, and to survive, you have to start burning the furniture?  Your Dad is burning the furniture.”

It’s about Dr. Fehir asking me to stay a minute after helping my mother.  She then asked how I was doing!  She said, “Caregivers need support also.”

It’s about Dr. Mark Schueler being with me in the ER in the middle of the night and after all the completed tests, staying to question and help me realize the multi stresses I was trying to avoid.

It’s about Dr. Tabb going beyond ordering the tests I needed, to reassuring me with a hug when I was in so much pain.

All these and more stories have convinced me throughout the years that I was listened to, cared for “above and beyond”, and that this wonderful medical facility was, and is, there for me.