Mask policy at JCHC

For the past two months, Johnson County has maintained a low COVID-19 case rate and continues to see a climbing vaccination rate. As such, the Johnson County Healthcare Center has modified its mask policy.

The Johnson County Healthcare Center will not require fully immunized individuals to wear a mask within the main campus, including the hospital and clinic. Those visitors and patients who are not fully immunized for COVID-19 are requested and advised to wear a mask. JCHC staff who are not fully immunized are required to wear a mask.

Fully immunized means it has been at least two weeks since an individual has received both doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine OR it has been two weeks since an individual has received the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

If you prefer that your provider wear a mask, please ask. We are happy to do so.

Visitors and staff entering Amie Holt Care Center are still required to wear a mask, even if they have been fully immunized, due to the increased risk for this vulnerable population. Requirements for nursing homes are set at the state and federal level.

For the health of our community, we strongly support vaccination. COVID-19 vaccines are available in Johnson County to anyone 18 and over. The two-dose Moderna vaccine is available at Johnson County Public Health, 684-2564; Corner Stone Pharmacy, 620-7071; Buffalo Prescription Shop, 684-7003; and Big Horn Pediatrics and Family Medicine, 620-8845.

The Johnson County Healthcare Center is currently administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Call our clinic at 307-684-2228 to get on the schedule.

Johnson County Healthcare Center urges residents to continue social distancing and using proper hand hygiene to avoid spreading COVID-19.

Please note that the aforementioned changes to our COVID protocols are subject to change depending on our county’s COVID rate. If an outbreak occurs, then we will return to some, or all, of the prior restrictions.

We are excited to progress to this point and want to thank our team and the community for making this possible.

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