Allison L Mader

I did all my prenatal care at the Family Medical Center and delivered all three of my children at JCHC.  Even though each one didn’t go exactly as planned, I always felt well cared for and that each person that walked in the room only had…


Lauren and Cody Collins

Dr. Rice, Crystal, Heidi and Surgery Crew, Thank you all for your detailed care for our family during the pregnancy and birth of our daughter, Chloe.  We felt that we were always in the best hands and received top notch care.  Although it was a long…


Molly Keil

We confidently chose JCHC as the medical facility where I’d receive prenatal care and deliver two additional children. Dr. Jennifer Rice, and other members of the medical staff, made it a wonderful experience for our family.


Shanda, Manny, Allison, Quinn Rodriguez

1st I want to say thank you for the beautiful favors following the birth of our daughter Quinn. 2nd I want to say thank you to the amazing team that helped through pregnancy & delivery. This includes: Dr. Rice and the fabulous clinic team. Nichole Ferguson,…


Jalissa Olsen

My husband and I struggled with infertility for 5 years before visiting with Dr. Darnell in 2017 about doing some sort of treatment. I had spoken with doctors before about it but was always told things like your young you have plenty of time ect. and…


Tanja Horner RN, CLC

I’m not well versed but here goes… Thanks for letting us share! From the very first day I found out we were expecting I was a nervous wreck.  As a nurse, I knew very well that bad things could happen, and do happen.  My husband and I…


Sandra Shay

To the Kitchen Staff. Thanks for your personal attention. Especially the cut up apples! Your meals are delicious and I missed them when I was home. To the Nursing Staff. I wish to thank each and every one of you for my care during my stay….


Debbie Grant

Testimonial about Chelsea Puente, Family Medicine For several years, I supported my husband through very serious medical issues.  Needless to say, I was not in a rush to have myself checked out (who knows what is lurking in there?). However, health issues caught up with me…


Larry Wirth

I recently underwent rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder.  I was very fortunate to be able to have this done at JCHC with Dr. Quinn performing the surgery.  I just wanted to let you know how well everything went for me.  Everyone I came in contact…


Dollie M. Reno

Life has many twists, turns, and unexpected events! Such a one was when Dr. Gosar left JCHC and my former student, Dr. Ludwig, became my primary health provider.  Ryan was a student at the Story Elementary School where I was teaching and he has said that…