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Week 5 blog from inside the Care Center

Well, here we are 5 weeks in.

Tighter Restrictions Now

These residents have endured many changes since this all started, but this week has been the most drastic with tighter restrictions in place.
Until further notice, there is no communal dining (eating while gathered up together). We tried to modify this rule by spacing all residents 6 feet apart and creating other, smaller dining areas throughout the building, but this was not considered safe enough according to the state guidelines.
Now, all residents will be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner in their rooms. The staff are just figuring out the logistics of this new set up for meals that just began yesterday.
Our staff and residents are adjusting.   The resident schedules will continue to follow the normal routine of getting up, getting dressed and ready for the day, just like always.

Group Activities

Unfortunately, group activities have been canceled as well. This does not mean that we will not continue to entertain and keep the residents moving. The activities department is starting “Hallway BINGO” and all of our BINGO players should still get a chance to play the game 2 times a week.
More 1:1 visits and activities are being brought in to each person in their rooms. We will be continuing to offer exercise and each individual’s restorative programs will continue on.
2 residents can be in the exercise room at a time to use the equipment; such as riding the Nu step bike. The residents are able to come out of their rooms for a change of scenery, like to have coffee in the dining room and look out the big windows to watch for golfers and wildlife. When the weather warms up, the girls from activities plan to take turns getting people outside for walks and to sit in the sunshine.
Sun and warmth perks all of us up. The nurses have asked that the residents wear a mask and have no close contact with other residents when they are out of their rooms.

The activities department are interviewing the resident’s personally to inquire as to what they would like to do in their rooms and getting an order ready for the needed supplies.

Losing Some of Our Friends

We have lost several residents recently. None of these deaths were related to COV-ID 19. At this point we have had no residents that have been sick with related symptoms or needed a Coronavirus test. Thankfully, we can still say there is no evidence of the virus in our facility. There was a recent death of an elderly man in our hospital, but he was not a resident of Amie Holt.

Adjusting to Difficult Times

Honestly, we are all struggling to adjust to stricter limitations and all these changes, staff and residents alike. Some of the residents have been more emotional and upset. They say that if feels like we are “taking too much away” and it is not fair. Some feel this is too extreme, and we are overreacting. I understand where they are coming from and I tell them I agree, it truly is not fair.
We are required to follow the regulations from the government to keep everyone safe and do everything we can to prevent the virus from entering our building and spreading around. We can only blame our negative feelings and frustrations about all this on the virus, not on any of the leaders of our facility.
It is hard to stay positive at all times, but that is all we can do. We are required to follow the rules of CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). If you are interested and wish to keep up with the rules and recommendations we have to follow, you can also research and keep up with the long-term care regulations during COV-ID 19.

Visits with Loved Ones

I am continuing to coordinate video visits for the residents to connect with their family members via Zoom. If this is something you would like to try with your loved one, please let me know and I can help. My work schedule has been different with the given circumstances and I am not working every day. However, I check my voicemails and emails regularly and will get back with you soon.

Blessings to be Found

Please keep your prayers and positive energy coming our way. I still believe there is a blessing in all of this.


Stay well,



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