Tanja Horner RN, CLC

I’m not well versed but here goes… Thanks for letting us share!

From the very first day I found out we were expecting I was a nervous wreck.  As a nurse, I knew very well that bad things could happen, and do happen.  My husband and I were overjoyed with the news we were going to have a baby and couldn’t wait for our first visit.  We chose Dr. Mullen as our provider, and felt very lucky that we would have such great care with someone who is so passionate about their work.  From that first visit on, she took the time to listen to my fears and calm my nerves, even with many phone calls in between appointments, and for that I thank her!  The nursing staff at the clinic was also so wonderful about listening to my endless “what if’s” more times than I care to admit.  When the big day finally came, it was an evening and I wasn’t really even sure I was in labor so we went in just to check.  Sure enough, we were admitted and ready to get started on the next big chapter of our lives.  The care we received from that moment on, and all of the support through laboring my first born, was absolutely wonderful.  I felt so supported and encouraged, even when I felt like giving up and asking for an elective C-section.  We were gifted a healthy baby girl, the best gift one could ever receive. I’ll never forget those moments of my life that started me on my journey to motherhood and the awesome team of care providers that shared the road with us!  Thank you Dr. Mullen and all of the nursing staff both in the clinic and in the hospital for such a wonderful experience.  We can’t wait to do it again sometime.

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