Last Updated: Feb 24, 2021

COVID-19 Johnson County Public Health press release - February 23, 2021

Good News! The delay in Moderna vaccine seen across the country did not affect Johnson County COVID-19 vaccinations! If you were/are scheduled for your vaccination, that appointment is still on.

This week, Johnson County Public Health is finishing vaccinations for those 70 and over, teachers, child care workers, and grocery store employees. Prescription Shop and Corner Stone Pharmacy have now moved to those 64 and under with underlying health issues, such as cancer, kidney disease, COPD, pregnancy, people on the Wyoming Medicaid Community Choices Waiver and Developmental Disabilities waivers, diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, organ transplants, immune disease, etc. A compete list can be found at

A reminder of the pre-registration site at:

This does not guarantee an appointment, it is only a list being sent back to Johnson County for outreach when that person becomes eligible. If you believe you are eligible, and have pre-registered, please reach out to JCPH or your pharmacy if you have not received a call to schedule an appointment.

County Variances Approved

Johnson County was granted variances to all 4 Statewide Public Health Orders, meaning they are no longer mandated for Johnson County. A complete copy of these variances can be found on the county website at Order #1 referred to restaurants and bars, #2 gatherings, #3 hair and nail salons,
tattoo parlors, and other personal services, #4 statewide mask mandate. The only state-wide mandate that is still in order is masking and gatherings in schools.

For the most current information, please visit  For further questions, contact the Johnson County Emergency Operations Center: 307-425-6560, or Johnson County Public Health: 307-684-2564.

COVID-19 vaccine update - January 18, 2021

At this time, Johnson County Public Health is administering all COVID-19 vaccines for the public. Due to a limited supply of vaccines, Public Health will not be taking additional appointments for the vaccine until mid-February. All vaccines issued to the county have been accounted for. Existing scheduled appointments are secure.

Once more vaccines are available, Public Health will make an announcement through the Emergency Operations Center and the Code Red system. The public can sign up for the Code Red system at Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Code Red” under the “Quick Links” section.

Johnson County Healthcare Center plans to administer vaccines to the public when they become available to our clinic through the Wyoming Department of Health. When this happens, we will communicate with the public via our website,, on our social media accounts, and through local media outlets.

For more information about Johnson County’s vaccine plan, please see To contact Johnson County Public Health, call 307-684-2564.

Q. Where is JCHC getting their information?

There are many medical professionals working to keep our community safe.  At JCHC, we employ an Infection Preventionist.  Kristina Duarte, RN, BSN.  An Infection Preventionist is not only in charge of COVID regulations but is someone who helps JCHC and AHCC avoid infections in general.

JCHC also has the Johnson County Health Officer, Dr. Mark Schueler on staff.  Together, they are following the CDC guidelines, the CMS guidelines, and the APIC guidelines, along with the local, state, and national guidelines.  These are the best sources for medical professionals in how to prepare for and treat COVID-19.
The JCHC staff work with Johnson County Public Health and the Wyoming Department of Health to stay up to date, and to keep our community safe.

CDC     (Centers for Disease Control)  

APIC - Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology

CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services