• Family Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Geriatrics

Family Medicine is a specialty area of Medical Practice which encompasses the entire family in a special way of practicing medicine.  Instead of offering fragmented health care, as most specialty medical practices do, Family Medicine offers total family, holistic health care.  This means that you can see your Family Doctor for Obstetric care (delivering your baby at JCHC), Pediatric Care (at the Family Medical Center in Buffalo or Kaycee),  General family wellness check ups, Gynecology (well women checkups), and Geriatric care all in one place, with one doctor who knows you well.

Family Medicine offers a unique, comprehensive high quality health care experience that other specialties simply can't offer.


University of Utah School of Medicine


St. Mary's Hospital, Grand Rapids Michigan


  • ER and Ambulance Medical Director
  • County Health Officer
  • EMT Trainer
  • State ATLS Instructor
  • Rotary Club
  • University of Washington Clinical Preceptor and Associate Professor of Medicine


Dr. Schueler's grandmother was a big influence in his decision to become a doctor.

She “lured” him into the profession by telling him interesting stories about her job as a nurse and bringing home stethoscopes and syringes for him to play with.

Dr. Schueler finds the medical profession challenging and rarely boring.
"I enjoy being my own boss…there are always
new things to learn and new people to meet.”

Dr. Schueler tries to keep an open mind to alternative medicine. “As a medical doctor, I’m an advocate for the patient and tend to apply science to alternative medicine. There are things people can do to take care of themselves, simple things…I’m please to find that people in Buffalo are interested in doing things proactively.”

Dr Schueler and his wife love Buffalo, and have raised their 2 children here.
          “Buffalo is  the best place to be. I work with an honest,            straight-forward group of people in Johnson County.”