C130 flyover may 15 2020

Week 11 blog

From the Inside at Amie Holt Care Center

11 weeks!

Can you believe we are 11 weeks into isolation? It probably feels like double that for the residents who have been in the building this entire time. Last week, a majority of the residents (spread 6 feet apart of course) came outside and watched the Wyoming Air National Guard C-130 plane salute. Many staff members and residents enjoyed this outdoor time and watching the planes fly over the campus.

COVID-19 Free!

Well our biggest and most encouraging news to share this week is that the Amie Holt Care Center has remained free of Covid-19. YAY!

Testing Residents and Staff

We have not yet had a confirmed positive case since the outbreak started. In the near future, per CMS guidelines we will start testing 20% of the Care Center staff and 20% of the residents every 2 weeks. If a resident tests positive for Covid-19, all resident primary contacts will be notified.

Other facilities in our state have not been as fortunate as we have been. It takes just one positive person to infect many. We are definitely not out of the woods yet. As more businesses and public places start opening up again and people begin moving around more, it is likely to see a rise in illness in the community, and so we will be taking every precaution for the foreseeable future to remain virus free at AHCC.

Surprise State Inspection Went Very Well

The staff continue to work very diligently to protect the residents and follow the more strict health and safety rules. We continue to be fully staffed and our team has remained healthy as well. We had a surprise inspection from the Wyoming Department of Health this week. The visit was focused on infection prevention and it went very well.  We are all continuing to do our best to prevent any of our residents from getting sick.

No Opening Date In Site

It is still very uncertain when we will be allowed to open up the Care Center to allow the residents to come and go, or when volunteers and visitors can come back in to the building. At this time, we will continue to focus primarily on keeping our population physically healthy and free of Covid-19. We acknowledge that it is crucial to keep our residents socially, spiritually and emotionally healthy as well. Unfortunately, those needs are challenging to fulfill when we are in a lockdown situation and gathering up is still not permitted. We will continue to modify activities, meals, and find creative ways to help these folks live as “normal” of a life as they once did here at Amie Holt.

Please Reach Out

As always, video visits, window visits, and phone calls are allowed and encouraged! Please feel free to contact me to coordinate connecting with your loved one here on the inside.

God Bless,



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