Health Information / Medical Records 


Request medical record copies:

Please complete Release of Information Authorization (ROI) form with as much information as possible, including a phone number in case additional information is needed.

Please note:

  • You may only request copies of your own records.
  • For requests of records for another patient you must have legal documentation indicating active representative or an ROI on file currently.
  • For minor children, you must be listed as the guarantor on their account or show legal custody documents.
  • If you wish to have an ROI filled out for another patient, that patient must sign release in person at our office.
  • Records requests will be reviewed and a response of processed or denied with reason as soon as possible. Depending on request, it may take one to two weeks to process. Most are completed sooner.
  • JCHC does follow Wyoming State Retention schedule when archiving medical records.

If faxing or mailing the authorization please provide two forms of ID. A photo ID is required (driver’s license) and at least one other form of ID such as a copy of your social security card or birth certificate. When faxing, you may need to lighten your ID in color as it will come across unreadable.

You may return this information by:

  • Fax: 307-684-6335
  • Email:
    • Our email is NOT secure. Any information sent to this email will need to be encrypted to be secure.
    • Records returned through email will depend on size of records and will be encrypted. Look for email with “Bracket” in the title.
  • By Mail: ATTN: Medical Records 497 W. Lott Buffalo, WY 82834
  • Patient may bring form into our office located within JCHC facility. Please bring your ID to verify your identity.



Patient Portals

What's FollowMyHealth? It's an innovative tool that provides your personal health records anytime,anywhere. Also enabling you to take a more proactive role in managing your care!

  • Request RX Refills
  • View lab/test results

Similar to FollowMyHealth, MyCareCorner does nearly the same thing. The difference being that MyCareCorner is specifically for people who have stayed in the Hospital. Where as FollowMyHealth is geared towards people who've visited the Clinic. For more information on MyCareCorner, check out MyCareCorner.


Birth and Death Certificates

JCHC Health Information and Records does not keep birth or death certificates in the medical record. These certificates are the property of the State of Wyoming. It is unlawful for us to provide you with any of their forms that are in the medical record, such as the mother’s worksheet or paternity papers. That information must be obtained through the State.

You may contact:
Wyoming Vital Statistics: 307.777.7591


There may be a cost to request a birth or death certificate. You will need to contact the State of Wyoming for current pricing. You may visit their website at . On the left side of the web page, go to “Certificates- Birth, Marriage and Divorce. Make sure the form is sent to the Vital Statistics address given on the form.




Health Information Management & Medical Records’ hours are:

Monday- Friday 8am to 4pm

Phone: 307.684.6197

Fax: 307.684.6335
You may also email your questions to: