Week 6 at Amie Holt Care Center

"From the Inside" with Rhiannon

Meal Changes

Just a quick little update today, as nothing significant has changed from last week. Our residents continue to eat their meals in their rooms. It seems like the team has been able to figure out the logistics on this major change and things are running pretty smooth. The residents who require assistance with eating and drinking are still able to receive it. We are delivering the room trays for each hallway at staggered times to accommodate everyone’s needs. The dietary department has been very flexible, and the CNA’s seem to be going with the flow. I honestly do not hear any complaints from the staff.

How We Are Adapting

Activities are still occurring, but not in the traditional group setting. More 1:1 activities and room visits are happening. The activities department is rotating a hallway each day to play BINGO and to focus on room visits and 1:1 entertainment. The exercise bikes have moved into the large dining room so those who use that equipment can continue to do so and enjoy the nice views the dining room windows offer. I am still connecting interested people for family video visits via Zoom.

Thank You!

Several different folks from the community have treated our staff with lunch and supper. That is such a wonderful gesture! Thank you so much and know that our team really appreciates your thoughtfulness. Meadowlark school has a project in the works where students are creating art and cards to offer inspiration and encouragement to our shut in residents. A local life group has also taken on a similar project to share love and hope. If you have any ideas for ways to spread cheer to our residents, please do not hesitate contact us with what you would like to do.

What We Worry About

I am concerned that many of our residents will decline more quickly now that they are in their rooms most of the day. Isolation can lead to physical and mental regression. Everyone is being well taken care of and protected as much as possible from this virus, but unfortunately they may lose ground being more isolated. That is one of the things we worry about at AHCC during this pandemic.

No COVID-19 Here!

We are thrilled to say there is still no evidence of COVID-19 in the Care Center. If it does come and we have a resident who is positive, all primary contacts will be notified and this information will be shared very transparently. I feel we are ready if it does come (hence everyone in their rooms and preparing for the worst). We will have enough PPE and supplies to stay safe, but I pray that it misses us. All staff have been offered great education and training on how to continue to be a caregiver safely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

I am proud of our team!



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