Gifts for Johnson County New Year’s Baby!

New Year's Baby Celebration at JCHC

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All expectant parents want nothing more than the birth of a healthy, happy baby. But what if that birth happens to be the first birth after the New Year? Many hospitals world-wide recognize the birth of a New Year’s baby with a showering of gifts from local business as well as a bevy of media attention.

The first baby born in Johnson County, to a Johnson County resident will be honored with the title "The 2018 New Year's Baby".   The baby and family will receive a basket  from the local community to celebrate the birth.  This basket represents the best wishes from local businesses, and contains gifts, gift certificates, blankets, books and much more.

Although, throughout the world,  local news outlets tend to make a big deal out of the first baby born in each hospital, the excitement for each family is virtually the same as any other day, and we are always excited to welcome a new life into this world!

So be on the lookout for the New Year's Baby 2018. We will be advertising in the local paper and on social media!

There are several families in the running this year, so good luck to all of you!

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