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At the Johnson County Healthcare Center, the doctor you choose is the doctor you see throughout your pregnancy, delivery and beyond.

We have lactation counselors and prenatal classes to help you prepare for your new bundle. And we make sure you get that 1:1 experience with your doctor and nurses. That's the care you and your baby deserve, close to home.

Family Doctors are trained in all areas of medicine.  They can diagnose and treat the full range of problems that people usually bring to their doctors.  OB, Pediatrics, Emergency and Geriatric care are all part of Family Medicine.

Your family doctor knows when to treat you, and if necessary, when to bring in another doctor for specialized care.  Especially when you are pregnant, having someone who takes care of your whole family, knows your life and health history, AND can care for the other routine things that come along the way is a real help.

When you talk to people who have had a Family Doctor care for them during pregnancy and delivery, they overwhelmingly say that they felt much more of a personal connection with their physician.  Many speak of having more time with their doctor for education, questions and care before, during and after delivery.

To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors who deliver babies, call the Family Medical Center of Johnson County ((307) 684-2228 and begin your journey with us.


What about safety?

  • Our full team is always on standby, should any complications arise
  • Three doctors are present during any C-section at JCHC to ensure you and your baby receive the most comprehensive possible care
  • Every one of our obstetrics doctors is trained in pediatric and obstetric life support

The doctors at JCHC are fully trained and qualified to do regular vaginal deliveries and perform C- Sections.  A surgical team and two other doctors always assist in the operating room for a C-Section, and they are always on standby when a patient is in labor.
All JCHC Obstetric doctors are trained in Pediatric Life Support, Obstetric Life Support, and CPR, and are able to handle emergencies - even if one happens in the delivery room.

And, when there is a bigger issue, or you need a higher level of care, our Family Doctors will send you on to the very same specialists that any doctor in the region would call upon.

And because our doctors have good relationships with specialists from all over our region, they don't hesitate to call on them for advice, to transfer care, or just to reassure you.