COVID-19 April 6, 4:30pm


JCHC is operating under an Incident Command structure during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are committed to addressing the immediate needs of Johnson County residents during the virus outbreak while continuing to provide a broad scope of quality healthcare services to our communities.

Patients are welcome and encouraged to continue to seek care at JCHC. Please call the clinic (684-2228) or hospital (684-5521) prior to arriving if you are ill. If an actual health emergency, then come to the emergency room.   

All major services are available, including emergency room, clinic (outpatient and same day care), physical/occupational/speech therapies, lab, radiology, obstetrics, home health and hospice. We are postponing elective surgeries and utilizing telehealth for certain primary care and rehabilitation services in order to conserve supplies and help slow the spread of the virus.

Johnson County Positive Covid-19 Cases

  • Please refer to the Wyoming Department of Health website for accurate numbers in Johnson County

Patient Testing

  • JCHC has received more testing supplies and our medical providers are testing more individuals. Please be aware testing does not change treatment of COVID-19. Adhering to guidelines for social distancing, isolation and hand hygiene are key to individual and community health during the outbreak.
  • Johnson County Healthcare Center continues to follow specific State criteria for testing patients.


Amie Holt Care Center

  • The nursing home does not have COVID-19 at this time and remains on lockdown in order to limit potential infection. Resident spirits remain high and our staff continue to meet their daily needs. Families are encouraged to work with AHCC staff to arrange telephone, video and other approved communication methods with their loved ones.


Clinic Appointments

  • Patients are encouraged to call clinic staff at (307) 684-2228 from home prior to arrival or from their vehicle when they arrive at the clinic.


Telehealth Options

  • JCHC’s Clinic (307-684-2228) and Rehab Department (307-684-6172) are offering telehealth services for patients (basic primary care visits, consultations, wellness checks and physical, occupational and speech therapies).
  • The technology interfaces our Electronic Medical Record with Zoom video conferencing.
  • The services are available during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In preparation for using telehealth technology for visits, patients are required to use the Follow My Health portal on the clinic’s electronic medical record system so the visits will be compliant with patient privacy laws. The access link is on the front page of the Johnson County Healthcare website, or go to https://jchealthcare.followmyhealth.com/ and complete the online form.


  • JCHC continues to conserve critical supplies during the outbreak.
  • JCHC is waiting for a large supply of personal protective equipment (N95 masks, surgical masks, gowns and gloves) jointly ordered with Sheridan Memorial and Campbell County hospitals.
  • Johnson County School District is currently 3D printing face shields and mask clips. They also 3D printed prototype filter masks in the event JCHC needs them.
  • The John and Amie Auxiliary and other local residents are making reusable protective gowns. Contact Lois Peterson (307-684-9160) for information on sewing gowns.
  • Community members are encouraged to donate unused protective masks in bins outside JCHC’s emergency room or clinic entrances.
  • Given new CDC guidelines announced late last week, JCHC is now accepting handmade cloth masks for use by community members while in our facility and to take home when leaving. Refer to JCHC’s website for CDC-approved patterns. Please donate them in bins outside the emergency room or clinic entrances.
  • We are grateful for outpouring of community generosity!

Press Briefings

  • JCHC and the County Emergency Operations Center will hold joint press conferences every Friday.

How the public can help

  • Collections:
    • JCHC is accepting donations of unused gloves and surgical, N95 and homemade cloth masks. Drop them off in bins at the emergency room or clinic entrances.
  • Blood Donation:
    • Healthy people are strongly encourage to donate blood during this time due to the growing blood supply shortage across the country. A blood drive will occur on April 20 from 12:30 – 6:00pm at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. Contact bloodhero.com for information and to make an appointment.
  • Oxygen Concentrators:
    • JCHC needs oxygen concentrators. Contact Julia Bettinger at 684-6320 for information.

Individual & Community Vigilance

  • Do your part by strictly adhering to CDC guidelines and our Governor’s directives.

JCHC is privileged to serve the healthcare needs of Johnson County communities. Thank you for supporting your local hospital!

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