COVID-19 March 23, 3pm


JCHC continues to work under an incident command structure, and we will be doing so until the risk of COVID-19 lessens for our population.  Our goals are to be prepared for when this novel virus arrives in Johnson County, but to still provide other healthcare services to our community.


Is JCHC Open?

Johnson County Healthcare Center (JCHC) is open and continues

to serve a broad scope of patient needs.

Patients are welcome and encouraged to continue to seek care at JCHC.

The main difference is that we are asking that you

call before you come if you are ill. 

All major services are available, including emergency room, clinic (outpatient and same day care), physical/occupational/speech therapies, lab, radiology, obstetrics, home health and hospice. We are postponing elective surgeries and the most basic primary care visits (such as wellness checks), during the national coronavirus outbreak in order to do our part to slow the virus spread and to conserve supplies. When coming to JCHC, patients will continue to undergo screening at all entrances for specific coronavirus symptoms. Our dedicated team ensures our facilities are clean and disinfected around the clock.

It is a privilege to continue to serve the healthcare needs of Johnson County communities. Thank you for supporting your local hospital!

Patient Testing:

    • No one has been tested for COVID-19 in Johnson County since Thursday, March 19. Five total have been tested in Johnson County.  We have no confirmed cases in Johnson County at this time.


  • Our entrances remain closed except in a few areas, in order to better monitor the people coming into the facility. We are screening everyone entering JCHC and AHCC in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • AHCC’s current census is 41, which leaves three open beds. We will not admit new residents for the foreseeable future in order to limit foot traffic at AHCC and further prevent the spread of infection.


  • Our residents remain on lockdown, in order to limit their contact with potential infection. Their spirits remain good, and our staff is going the extra mile.
  • Families are encouraged to call AHCC to arrange window visits, phone calls and skype visits with their loved ones.

Off Site Evaluation Center: (RVEC)

  • We continue to assess options for an external Respiratory Virus Evaluation Center.
  • A Respiratory Virus Evaluation Center is an area where people with fever or respiratory symptoms can seek evaluation and possible care.
  • This site will potentially be located at the Catholic Rec. Hall. We are so thankful for the generous offer of this site for our use during this community issue.
  • At this time, we are coordinating to supply and organize this RVEC center for those who are less ill, but still need hospital care during the COVID outbreak. We are only going to be using this site if JCHC becomes very full with hospitalized people.
  • We hope that we never have to use all the logistics, planning and organizing needed to open this site.   If we do need it, we will be ready.   If we do not need it, we will be thankful!   That will be because and not that many people become very ill.
  • We have plans in place to open this site late this week if needed.
  • More information will be shared with the public as plans go forward.

Telehealth Options

  • We are evaluating our capability to offer telehealth medical and outpatient visits.
  • Please go onto our Follow My Health site to sign up. This will expedite our ability to offer telehealth for our patients.
  • In preparation for using telehealth technology for visits, it will be best (not required) if people begin using the Follow My Health portal with the Family Medical Center. The access link is right on the front page of the Johnson County Healthcare website.

Or you can go to
Follow My Health

and fill in the form to begin your online health portal.

How Can I Help?


Thank you everyone, for reaching out and offering to sew masks for us!

At this time, we are not asking people to create sewn masks.  We think, with some community donations of surgical masks, we can get by on the masks that we have in stock.  If we see that the amount we have is not going to get us through, we will let the public know.

  • Gowns: A community member is helping us to research how the public can create gowns for staff at JCHC.  If we find a solution, we will ask people to sew gowns for us.
  • How Else the Community Can Help:
    • If community members have N-95 masks, surgical masks or medical gloves, JCHC would love to have those items donated. These can be donated by dropping them off at either our ER entrance or our Clinic entrance.  A box will be located just inside the doors for either location.
  • Blood Donation:
    • There is a need for people to donate blood during this time, all over the country. If you are interested in donating, there will be a blood drive on April 20 from 12:30 – 6pm at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.  Contact to make an appointment.




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