COVID-19 March 25, 4:30pm


JCHC is operating under an Incident Command structure during the Coronavirus incident. We are committed to addressing the immediate needs of Johnson County residents during the virus outbreak while continuing to provide a broad scope of quality healthcare services to our communities.


Patients are welcome and encouraged to continue to seek care at JCHC. Please call the clinic (684-2228) or hospital (684-5521) prior to arriving if you are ill. If an actual health emergency, then come to the emergency room.   

All major services are available, including emergency room, clinic (outpatient and same day care), physical/occupational/speech therapies, lab, radiology, obstetrics, home health and hospice. We are postponing elective surgeries and utilizing telehealth for certain primary care services in order to conserve supplies and help slow the spread of the virus.


When coming to JCHC, patients will continue to undergo screening at all entrances for coronavirus symptoms. Our dedicated team ensures our facilities undergo high-level disinfection around the clock.


Wyoming Status

As of 3/25/20, the State is reporting 44 positive cases, a notable uptick in the last 24 hours. Fremont and Laramie Counties have the most cases.


Patient Testing   

JCHC has tested seven people for COVID-19 to date. The first five were negative. We are waiting for results on the additional two.

JCHC currently has 16 testing kits (One kit used per patient).

We now have the ability to make the transport media ourselves, increasing our total testing capacity to 96.



Patients and visitors must enter the facility via the emergency room or clinic main entrances. We continue to screen everyone entering all our facilities in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Amie Holt Care Center

The nursing home remains on lockdown in order to limit potential infection. Resident spirits remain high and our staff continue to meet their daily needs. Families are encouraged to work with AHCC staff to arrange telephone, video and other approved communication methods with their loved ones.



Drive-thru Screening/Evaluation Center & Alternate Care Site

As early as next week, JCHC plans to open a separate service on our campus to screen and evaluate people in their vehicles. Additional information is forthcoming regarding the criteria and process.

An alternate care site is being set up at the St. John’s Catholic Church rec hall in the event patient surge exceeds hospital capacity. We sincerely appreciate the church’s partnership and generosity!


Telehealth Options

JCHC’s clinic is setting up a telehealth service for patients (basic primary care visits, consultations and wellness checks).

The technology interfaces our Electronic Medical Record with Zoom video conferencing.

It will be ready by Monday, March 30, and we are already talking to patients about it.

In preparation for using telehealth technology for visits, it is best (not required) for people to use the Follow My Health portal on the clinic’s electronic medical record system. The access link is on the front page of the Johnson County Healthcare website, or go to and complete the online form.



We are developing a supply conservation plan to address foreseeable shortages, especially Personal Protective Equipment (masks, gowns and gloves).

We are inventorying Buffalo’s community-wide stock of hydroxychloroquine (malaria drug). It is not approved for COVID-19 use yet, but recent limited studies show potential benefit for COVID-19 patients.


How the public can help

JCHC is accepting donations of unused surgical and N95 masks, gowns and gloves. Drop them off at the emergency room entrance or clinic entrances. A box is located just inside the doors at both locations.


Blood Donation: 

Healthy people are strongly encouraged to donate blood during this time due to the growing blood supply shortage across the country. A blood drive will occur on April 20 from 12:30 – 6:00pm at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. Contact for info and to make an appointment.


Individual & Community Vigilance:

We are concerned some people in our community have a false sense of security since Johnson County has yet to identify a positive case. Our local medical experts firmly believe the virus is in our community.

People need to be vigilant and strictly adhere to CDC guidelines and our Governor’s directives.


It is a privilege to continue to serve the healthcare needs of Johnson County communities. Thank you for supporting your local hospital!