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Do You Need Energy Quick?

Sometimes, a quick cup of coffee is all you need to perk up in the middle of the day.  But, food is also your friend, and you can make it work to your advantage!

Do you get in a slump where every day at about the same time, you get sluggish and feel like a nap would be so welcome?  Besides napping the afternoon away, what can you do?

JCHC has the answer you need!  You can change this pattern by a simple change in a few food choices.  It's all about your blood sugar, and keeping it in the normal range, without highs or lows.  Your blood sugar is constantly changing, and most often, it is directly related to what you eat.  Think of what you eat as the fuel you put into your gas tank.

What you eat really can change how you feel!
Let's explore some of the quick food tips for energy.


Many of us eat a nice lunch of bread, pasta and some salad.  Pretty healthy, right?  Sure!  But, it also is a nap in the making for the afternoon kind of meal.  Why?  because Carbohydrates are a type of food group that gives you that quick burst by driving your blood sugar up.  That's great for the times when you need to get going!  Think running a race, getting a lot done in the next hour or two.  But, what goes up must come down!  And your blood sugar will ultimately come down after that initial burst, and you will begin to feel sleepy.  It's just the way the body works.

Carbohydrates = Fairly Quick burst of energy, but a slump about 2 hours later.  

So, how do you avoid this?  Eat a lunch that will give the slower surge of energy.  What would that be, you ask?  I'm so glad that you did!  Just like different fuel in your tank will give you better gas mileage, proteins give you more power.


Proteins are absorbed at a slower pace, and give you a very slow surge in energy, lasting for several hours.  Proteins also have relatively fewer calories, so another upside of increasing your protein intake is possible weight loss.

Protein = Slower Surge of Energy that Lasts.  No slump 2 hours later

So, what Proteins should I look into eating?

Nuts, Meat, Cheese, Milk all have significant amounts of protein.  So try to have a lunch that has mostly these items.

If you are on a tight schedule, and don't have much time, there are a lot of protein packed portable choices. Check out a tuna, cheese or meat sandwich,  some nuts and cheese or an apple with peanut butter.

Fruits and Veggies

Should you have salad or a veggie with your lunch!  Absolutely!  These foods generally don't really mess with your blood sugar.  Now, if you have fruits with lunch,

Remember that fruits are basically
sugar and fiber.
Veggies don't mess much with your blood sugar.

So, good for the digestion, but given the amount of fruit you eat, and the type, you can end up eating a lot of sugar there.  You may feel the sluggishness coming on after a lot of fruit at lunch.

Everyone's Favorite!  Sugar!

What about Sugar?  Doesn't Sugar give you quick Energy?  Shouldn't a candy bar at lunch give you a quick shot of energy?

Yes it does!  But Sugar also is just like a carbohydrate.  so, eating sweets at lunch can make your blood sugar spike, and then crash - and then you'll fall asleep in that important meeting with your boss later in the afternoon.

So besides having a quick burst of energy but then falling asleep in your important meeting, you will gain weight.  Those aren't great side effects for the sugars offered at lunch.  Say no to the pie and ice cream if you want to feel sharp at 3 pm.  Eat them before bedtime instead,  (when your boss doesn't care if you go to sleep!)

So, use these little tips to fill your tank with the right types of food for your energy needs!


We will keep putting together quick tips for energy in our newsletter.  We hope that you found these little tips helpful!  

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