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Week 3 from the inside

I am pleased to say, I have nothing too significant to report this week. I feel like that is a positive thing. We are yet to run out of food, medicine, toilet paper or laughs here. I feel these residents do have it better than some people who may be struggling and going without the basics right now.

No Virus!

None of our residents have needed to be tested for COVID-19 yet. There has been no evidence of the virus in the Care Center. We are all continuing to be cautious to avoid spreading germs. Now, all staff that are in the building are wearing masks, including dietary, housekeeping, and laundry. All JCHC employees are following strict travel restrictions. No spring break for any of us, just work and home to adhere to the Governor’s orders.


We are looking forward to warmer weather on the horizon. Our activities department will plan to have more outside time in the coming weeks. We are trying to keep exercise and activities going as much as possible.

To reduce foot traffic, the physical therapy (PT) department is no longer coming over to work with the resident’s hands-on. Our restorative aids are carrying out those exercises and PT is observing through the computer via ZOOM to complete assessments.


It has been getting tricky to keep BINGO going as it takes six helpers to play. We are still planning to offer BINGO twice a week, as long as possible, as this is a highlight for many of our residents. I am not ready to stop fighting for BINGO, because it is so much fun for these folks. They light up when they win and get to pick out a prize.

Thank you, Johnson County

We have been receiving many gracious words of encouragement and delicious treats from members of the community. We may all be a little heavier, a little crazier, but hopefully more appreciative of all the blessings that we do have when this is all over. Thank you so much for all your support and confidence in us that we are able to continue to provide FIVE-star care even during this challenging time.

Zoom/Gifts/Reaching Out

You still may drop off items at the front doors to provide comfort to your loved ones; such as cards, photos, snacks, flowers, etc. I am continuing to coordinate family video visits when I am here. Please let me know if you would like to do a video visit via ZOOM. I plan to take some time off next week to be with my children and try out the quarantine lifestyle at my house. Do not worry if I skip a week of updates, I will be back. Apparently, this is the lull before hitting our predicted peak of cases towards the end of April.

Stay safe,

Rhiannon Fowler


(307) 684-6230


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