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Week 15 at Amie Holt

Good News!

I will start with the good news… There is still no evidence of the virus in our facility. Horray!

Some Group Activities Starting Again

Some of our group activities have resumed with social distancing measures in place. As of Thursday, BINGO is now back and being played in the large dining room. The activities department hopes to resume the normal BINGO schedule of Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Limited Outings Coming Possibly

There is talk of bus rides resuming in the near future as well. Our bus can safely have 6 residents on it at a time and still remain 6 feet apart. The residents would not be able to unload at a destination, but a ride around town or up the mountain would be a treat for many of these folks who have not been out at all for quite some time.

Bible Study And Music

Virtual bible study will be coming back again soon too. We are waiting to get confirmation if we can have outdoor musicians to play again on the back patio for the residents to watch from inside the large dining room.

Family Visits With Precautions

As most of you already know, we are now able to offer visitation in a limited capacity. There are different times available daily that you can call ahead to make an appointment to come by and see your loved one. The visits are outside and face coverings are required. There are other restrictions as well. We ask that you follow all the rules related to visitation so we can continue to offer it. Please remember to stay behind the red taped lines on the ground. Also, we appreciate that you would like to bring in drinks, and food to share while you visit, however eating and drinking is not permitted as both resident and visitors need to keep their masks on. Remember there is always a staff member assigned to help with the visits. They can act as the go-between for you and the resident. For example, if you wish to show a picture on your phone to grandma, the staff member can take the phone over to her to look so you don’t have to get up and then break the 6 foot apart rule. We recognize that all these rules seem like a lot. We do not get to make the rules but we are obligated to follow them.


Please understand that not every resident is able to have visitors. If a resident is on quarantine within our building that means they are unable to leave their room and would not be able to come outside for a visit. We have had residents on quarantine for several reasons such as showing signs and symptoms of respiratory illness, or a new admission, or a resident who is returning from the hospital.

Beauty Salon Not Open Yet

Several family members that have been in to visit have inquired about scheduling perms and haircuts. Unfortunately, the beautician and barber are not considered essential, so they are unable to resume doing hair at this time. Volunteers are not able to come back yet either. I have seen some residents wearing really cute hats or the girls have braided their longer than normal hair.

We Are Optimistic

Our team continues to work hard to maintain optimism with all the current challenges we are facing. Know that we are doing our best to keep the residents safe, healthy, and content.

Thank you for taking the time to read my updates,


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