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(Vaginal Deliveries and C-Sections)


  • Personalized obstetrics care plan for each individual patient
  • Prenatal classes that prepare you to deliver and care for your baby
  • Opportunities to build relationships with the doctor and nurse who will be by your side on the delivery day

At JCHC we offer comprehensive prenatal classes to help prepare you for your birth experience and caring for your newborn. We think it is important that your doctor is with you throughout the prenatal experience and delivers your baby, plus takes care of the two of you for a lifetime.
We have created spacious maternity suites designed to create a home-like environment, giving our expecting and new mothers the highest comfort level possible. We know that bonding with your new little one is an important part of the delivery process.  We offer the opportunity for healthy newborns to have immediate skin to skin contact with their mothers after delivery in every circumstance where it is possible. Getting the help you need for a successful breastfeeding experience is important to us.  Our nurses are trained to provide lactation support, and they will meet with you in the hospital, and are available to you after you go home.

To begin your journey with us, you call the Family Medical Center  (307-684-2228) and set up the first appointment with your doctor.  There you will meet your doctor and nurse, and spend an hour with them getting acquainted and setting up your personalized OB care.  Then, you meet with your doctor and nurse often throughout your pregnancy.  At the time of delivery, your doctor will deliver your baby.  After you are released from the hospital, you come back to the Family Medical Center with your baby, and your doctor and nurse will take care of you both post delivery too.  They really get to know you, and you will develop a very special relationship with your doctor and nurse.  This relationship will last for years.


It is important to us that your questions are answered.  And most people have a ton of questions before the big day of delivery.  So, we offer free prenatal classes to our patients.  Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurses and other staff present information in a relaxed and helpful atmosphere.  Talk with your doctor and nurse about getting signed up for our classes.


Dr Jennifer Rice

Dr. Brian Darnell

Dr. Lisa Mullen


At JCHC, there is a fully staffed and competent surgical team available 24 hours a day, and all of the Obstetric doctors are all fully qualified to do your C-Section.  You will have three doctors, several nurses and surgical techs in the room for your C-Section.  Your husband or significant other is warmly welcomed into surgery to witness the birth of your child.


At JCHC, we encourage breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding comes very naturally to some new moms.  But for others,  it may not come that easily, and you may need a little help to get started.  That is why we have 6 certified lactation consultants in the facility.  Two are in the hospital, and four are in the clinic.  One of our certified lactation consultants comes in on the first day after your baby is born to help you get started.  And they are available in person or by phone to you until you feel confident in what you are doing.  If you have questions, call the clinic at 684-2228 or if it is after hours, call the hospital nurses at 684-5521.  We will get you in touch with a consultant.


According to Jeannette T. Crenshaw, writing for the Journal of Perinatal Education-

'What mothers and babies need most after birth is each other, with unlimited opportunities for skin-to-skin care and breastfeeding. When health professionals respect, honor, and support the physiologic need that mothers and babies have for each other after birth, they also improve the short- and long-term health outcomes for mothers and babies.'

At JCHC, we couldn’t agree more.  That is why we make it a priority in both C-Section deliveries and Vaginal deliveries to encourage skin to skin bonding moments between mom and baby as soon as possible.


Family Doctors are trained in all areas of medicine.  They can diagnose and treat the full range of problems that people usually bring to their doctors.  OB, Pediatrics, Emergency and Geriatric care are all part of Family Medicine.

Your family doctor knows when to treat you, and if necessary, when to bring in another doctor for specialized care.  Especially when you are pregnant, having someone who takes care of your whole family, knows your life and health history, AND can care for the other routine things that come along the way is a real help.

When you talk to people who have had a Family Doctor care for them during pregnancy and delivery, they overwhelmingly say that they felt much more of a personal connection with their physician.  Many speak of having more time with their doctor for education, questions and care before, during and after delivery.

To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors who deliver babies, call the Family Medical Center of Johnson County ((307) 684-2228 and begin your journey with us.



JCHC offers a full range of medical services. We offer 24 hour emergency care, hospice and home care. We also have a surgical suite, deliver babies, and offer laboratory, radiology, physical therapy, respiratory care and have all of the diagnostic equipment needed to offer full service care. In addition to our 7 Family Physicians, JCHC employs 1 General Surgeon and 3 Physician Assistants on active staff. Visiting specialists see patients in our clinic regularly. Specialties covered in Buffalo include Cardiology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Radiology and Vascular Care.


  • Our full team is always on standby, should any complications arise
  • Three doctors are present during any C-section at JCHC to ensure you and your baby receive the most comprehensive possible care
  • Every one of our obstetrics doctors is trained in pediatric and obstetric life support

The doctors at JCHC are fully trained and qualified to do regular vaginal deliveries and perform C- Sections.  A surgical team and two other doctors always assist in the operating room for a C-Section, and they are always on standby when a patient is in labor.
All JCHC Obstetric doctors are trained in Pediatric Life Support, Obstetric Life Support, and CPR, and are able to handle emergencies - even if one happens in the delivery room.

And, when there is a bigger issue, or you need a higher level of care, our Family Doctors will send you on to the very same specialists that any doctor in the region would call upon.

And because our doctors have good relationships with specialists from all over our region, they don't hesitate to call on them for advice, to transfer care, or just to reassure you.


Recently, I had a student who delivered her baby in your facility.  She could not stop raving about the wonderful care she received.  Thank you for making birth a positive, wonderful experience for moms, dads and babies.  I will definitely be sharing this wonderful experience with future students!

--Laura Simpson, Birth Boot Camp Instructor - Sheridan Wy

Dr. Rice, Crystal, Heidi and Surgery Crew,

Thank you all for your detailed care for our family during the pregnancy and birth of our daughter, Chloe. We felt that we were always in the best hands and received top notch care.  Although it was a long process that ended with a C-Section, we could not be more pleased with the outcome and how we were treated.  We were very impressed with all the help we received with breast feeding, and felt that you all helped to prepare us as new parents.  Thank you for all that you do!

Regards – Lauren and Cody Collins

I first came to JCHC in the fall of 2014.  I was three months pregnant and was not receiving the type of care I felt was of high quality at the time.  My concerns were dismissed and I was treated like a policy number in another facility.
It wasn’t until I made an appointment with Dr. Lisa Mullen that my entire experience shifted.  I was a first time mom experiencing a difficult pregnancy and I was terrified.  I knew from the moment I was in Dr. Mullen’s presence that I would be seen as a person first – not a number or a patient file – and I was no longer fearful.
Dr. Mullen is someone with a uniquely gentle spirit who listens with intention, demonstrates compassion, and empathizes with your fears and concerns.  She’s the kind of doctor who will hold your hand during labor and tell you, “you’ve got this”.  These are traits largely missing from the general healthcare landscape.
My family and I have been so impressed with the care she’s provided, along with the rest of the members of JCHC – medical practitioners and staff alike – that we recommend your facility to everyone we know.  It is more than worth the 34 mile drive from Sheridan – even while in labor!  JCHC is the barometer by which other facilities should be measured.  Thank you for your constant care and love.

Sincerely,  Dr. Erin Nitschke

"It's so hard to limit our thoughts of JCHC and Dr. Darnell in a few sentences.

We started out at JCHC as any typical family would and when our care and needs became more complex, Dr. Darnell never wavered and went above and beyond for us.  We have build a trust with him and his staff that they are going to do what is truly best for our family and not just what our charts read.

JCHC is a wonderful constant for us, we have relationships that feels deeper than Dr. and Patient.   Working with a family doctor, we can create a more in depth care program for our entire family. Our doctor really has built a team with us."

--Thank you again - Makenzie Sauers

(307) - 684-2228