Patient Education at JCHC is an important part of your overall health care plan.

Karen Sullivan, RN, has been teaching patients about health and wellness for many years.  She does a lot of patient education on all topics of health.   Karen works directly with people and teams up with their physician to set up an individual health plan.  She then can coach you on your way to wellness.

Karen is also a certified Diabetic Counselor and works individually with patients who are new diabetics or have had the disease for a long time.

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, there is a lot to learn.  And it can be scary.  But JCHC has your back!

The teamwork between the patient, diabetes educator and the physician is crucial when you have diabetes.

Learning about blood pressure management, understanding complications, practicing how to take insulin, how to check your blood sugar, skincare and how to manage your blood sugar are all part of what Karen walks patients through, step by step.

Most insurance and Medicare cover patient and diabetes education.

Meet Our Diabetic Educator

Diabetic patients are encouraged to join Karen at the diabetes Support Group.  The group meets at the Senior Center.  Call Karen at 684-6139 for more information.

Some Handy Links to Diabetic Education Sites: