• Diabetic Education
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Johnson County Healthcare Center offers Patient Education. Karen Sullivan, RN, offers teaching on a variety of subject to help patients better care for their health. Patient Education and Counseling is a way for patients to explore and gain understanding of what they need to do to stay healthy. Karen works with patients individually, in concert with their doctor, to set up an individual health education program.

Karen is a certified Diabetic Counselor, and works individually with patients who are new diabetics or have had the disease for a long time.  She is able to help with insulin, understanding the physiology of diabetes, and counsels people on healthy diet and exercise programs that enhance health with diabetes.  Karen works directly with people and their physician to achieve the best outcome.

Some Handy Links to Diabetic Education Sites:

Diabetic patients are encouraged to join Karen at the diabetes Support Group.  The group meets at the Senior Center