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Hospital - 307-684-5521

Emergency Room - 307-684-6166

Family Medical Center - 307-684-2228

Amie Holt Care Center - 307-684-2122

Hospice/Home Health - 307-684-6137


COVID-19 vaccine fact sheets and consent form:

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Patient Portal for the Clinic

What's FollowMyHealth? It's an innovative tool that provides your personal health records anytime,anywhere. Also enabling you to take a more proactive role in managing your care!

  • Request RX Refills
  • View lab/test results
  • and much more!

There's a smartphone app too!

Patient Portal for Hospital

Similar to FollowMyHealth, Patient Portal does nearly the same thing. The difference being that Patient Portal is specifically for people who have stayed in the Hospital. Where as FollowMyHealth is geared towards people who've visited the Clinic.

"The team here is so supportive! I mentioned I was interested in furthering my education, and they've all been extremely supportive. They want to see you succeed."

Cassidy, CNA at Amie Holt Care Center

Now hiring CNAS at the Amie Holt Care Center

We pay for your training, and we pay you while you are training!

We offer paid time off, health insurance, longevity bonuses and educational opportunities. No prior experience is necessary.

Pay starts at $15.50 per hour.

Call Brenda at 684-6223 to learn more.

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine clinics

The Family Medical Center is administering the two-dose Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine from 3 to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays to anyone 12 and older. Call the clinic at 307-684-2228 to get on the list for a vaccine. 

Parents can call and give verbal consent - they do not need to be present when the vaccine is administered. Paperwork is available above.

The vaccine is free and available to anyone 12 and older.

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What You're Saying About JCHC

"My husband and I struggled with infertility for 5 years. I spoke with other doctors outside of JCHC and they told me that I had plenty of time and not to worry. I spoke with Dr. Darnell and actually listened and took an active role in helping us conceive." ~ Jalissa Olsen

"I was three months pregnant and was not receiving the type of care I felt was high quality. My concerns were dismissed and I felt like another policy number. It wasn't until I made an appointment with Dr. Lisa Mullen that my entire experience shifted. Thank you for your constant care and love!" ~ Erin Nitschke