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Hospital - 307-684-5521

Family Medical Center - 307-684-2228

Amie Holt Care Center - 307-684-2122

Hospice/Home Health - 307-684-6137

The Family Medical Center now offers Pfizer COVID vaccines for anyone 6 months and older.

Call 307-684-2228 for more information.


Because our doctors practice family medicine, they are trained to treat the whole family, from pregnancy, through birth and beyond.


The Family Medical Center takes same-day appointments to treat your urgent care needs.


At the Johnson County Healthcare Center, the doctor your choose is the doctor you see throughout your pregnancy, delivery and beyond.


Walk-in flu shots available at The Family Medical Center, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. No appointment necessary.


A colonoscopy is the best screening tool for colorectal cancer. With advanced technology, colonoscopies are easier than ever.


Annual mammograms are recommended for women age 40 and older. This, along with an annual exam with your family doctor and monthly self-exams are the best ways to catch cancer early.

Find my medical records patient portal

Patient Portal for the Clinic

What's FollowMyHealth? It's an innovative tool that provides your personal health records anytime,anywhere. Also enabling you to take a more proactive role in managing your care!

  • Request RX Refills
  • View lab/test results
  • and much more!

There's a smartphone app too!

Patient Portal for Hospital

Similar to FollowMyHealth, MyCareCorner does nearly the same thing. The difference being that MyCareCorner is specifically for people who have stayed in the Hospital. Where as FollowMyHealth is geared towards people who've visited the Clinic. For more information on MyCareCorner, check out MyCareCorner.