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Financial Assistance Program at JCHC

In continuing efforts to provide our patients with quality care and assistance, Johnson County Healthcare Center changed payment policies in late 2015. Our facility now uses the services of Receivable Solutions for patients who need to set up low monthly payments.

JCHC Offers Payment Options:

  • Accounts that are paid within 30 days of the first statement may qualify for a 20% discount. The patient has to request this discount at the time of payment. This offer does not apply to Amie Holt Nursing Home accounts, accounts qualifying for financial assistance, or for Cash and Carry Services (ie durable medical equipment from PT, Cosmetic Surgery, Thursday Wellness Labs, Foot Clinic, Employee Prescriptions, Sharps Containers, Hearing Aids, etc.)
  • The patient may also elect to pay the balance in full within one year of the date of service. The patient must contact Monica Jespersen at Johnson County Healthcare Center to obtain a predetermined monthly payment for their account. There will be a minimum monthly payment is $50.00 for accounts of less than $500.00.

If neither of these payment options would fit within a patient’s budget, a third option is available. Johnson County Healthcare Center enlists the services of a billing agent, Receivable Solutions.

Receivable Solutions provides our patients with prompt, courteous service and assists them with payment arrangements for the Johnson County Memorial Hospital and the Family Medical Center. As always, no interest or late penalties will be assessed on a patient’s account. Also, Receivable Solutions does not report to a credit reporting agency.

Once a patient’s account is forwarded to Receivable Solutions, the patient will make their payments directly to Receivable Solutions. Receivable Solutions offers various payment options via cash, check, credit or debit card. Receivable Solutions can also set up automatic payments through a patient’s bank account.

JCHC understands it may also be necessary for a patient to ask for assistance in paying their bill. Therefore, our facility has various financial Assistance Programs.

JCHC also offers financial assistance for individuals with limited income.  Financial assistance is determined by a sliding scale of total household income based on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).  Please see the policy or application for information on the amount that may be written off if you qualify.

We also offer charity assistance for patients with extenuating circumstances, such as hardships due to excessive medical expenses or loss of income due to a death.